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ry-confirmed cases from 25 countries and two deaths, according to Feb. 15 figures from the WHO. The Chinese people "are protecting the world from an even

faster spread through their willingness to make sacrifices and their commitment," said Michael Schumann, head of the German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade. "They deserve our respect and our active and energetic support." Whe

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    n people's lives are in peril, discussing how to protect human rights is nothing but empty talk. In the face of a virus epidemic, applying strict quarantine measures is an absolute necessity. Without quarantine, how ca

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    n people's lives be secured? The speed and transparency of China's response is also impressive. After China detected the outbreak, it isolated the virus, sequenced the genome and shared it with the WHO and th



e world. The government holds daily briefings and updates the numbers of new infections, deaths and recoveries. It alters the statistical me

thod to help patients get faster access to treatment. As leaders of many foreign governments and international organizations have put it, in many ways, China is setting a new standard for outbreak response. This is n